Photo of the day

Moon Scope

Hans hooked up the camera I use to his brother’s telescope.  

Dreams of Real Maple Syrup

I make vegan waffles for Jens on the weekend and freeze them for his breakfasts during the week.  

Mmm, Bee Bop

Outside somewhere in Nags Head, NC. Summer 2009 family vacay. A sign told me to discover nature, so I tried.

Oh, you know, I live on Random Street.

I don’t really live there. This was from our 2009 July family vacay to Nags Head, NC.  The GPS listed it as Random Street in Kill Devil Hills, NC, but you can see it was painted over whatever the old street name was. It was just off of North Virginia Dare Trail.  

Hello world!

Type something.  Sentence structure is important.  Yes. I CAN HAZ PHOTOBLOG! “Mommy, take my picture!”  That’s what he demanded just before he posed and showed me the light in his eyes.